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100% of the wood that is removed is re-used or recycled in some way, shape or form. We produce a wide variety of grapewood products for the Pet Supply and Landscaping industries.

Wood that cannot be re-purposed is properly recycled into compost or used as biomass fuel for clean energy. Take a look at our California grapewood (AKA California driftwood) products and order online.  Give us a call at: 209-570-9331 to find out more information about our natural driftwood products.

Just In: Take Advantage of Our Exclusive
 Private Reserve Vine Line of Sumptuous
Recycled California Grapewood Products

Discover How to Order Once in a Life Time California Driftwood Private Reserve Vines

Our Private Reserve Vines are a rarity for many reasons such as how old and how much character the California grapewood has from these vines. Grapewood from California Grapevine vineyards usually on average are rotated out every 25 years or so, because of demand for that particular variety or because of a fall off of production.

Every once in a great while vines can be 50+ years old even up 100 years old.  From time to time we are blessed to be able to repurpose these old vines when the farmer has to change crops.

At this time we are fortunate to have a small inventory of 78 year old vines planted by Norman Knoll and his father in 1937.  They are the most beautiful vines we've had in 10 years and may be the last for another 10 years. Sorry, because of the limited supply these vines will only be sold retail not wholesale.