Thursday, March 3, 2016

Grapewood Repurposing for Over 20 Years

We’ve been in the business of repurposing grapewood for over 20 years. In those 20+ years all we have is winning news!

Grapewood is safe for your or your customer’s animals. Reptiles love climbing and lounging around on our wood.

Birds love their perches. It’s also safe for cats to use as scratching posts or dogs to chew on because grapewood will not splinter.

Customers get a very nice product at a very efficient price. Retailers win when you have our products on your shelf because people love the look and functionality of our wood so it’ll be flying off your shelves!

The environment and farmers thrive because we get together with local farmers to help take our their vineyards in a safe way. In return the air won’t get polluted by the smoke when old piles of wood get burnt.

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